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About ARCE

The American Research Center in Egypt

ARCE, founded in 1948, supports scholarship, training and conservation work in Egypt.

ARCE has a high standard in all its roles and efforts thus allowing and maintaining close relation to the Ministry of Antiquities (MOA), formally the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA).

For more information about ARCE in its entirety visit:   ARCE

About ARCE Oklahoma

ARCE Oklahoma is currently an interest group of ARCE. When our group reach a specified number of (steady) members we will then be awarded as an official Chapter of ARCE.

ARCE Oklahoma is primarily based in the Tulsa area but is not restricted to that region of the state. Meetings and events, though majority will be in the Tulsa area, will also rotate to other parts of the state to ensure all have a chance to be involved without constant travel.

Along with rotating meetings, ARCE Oklahoma plans to hold events and activities online. "We want to allow everyone a chance to get involved, learn and socialize with others that share their interests and passions."- Amelia Alexander, ARCE Oklahoma organizer, Student of Egyptology at the University of Manchester.

Though we aim to make all events and meetings accessible and appropriate for all ages there may be occasions when a topic may come up that will contain material or subjects that may not be entirely appropriate for young members (for example parts of the Osiris resurrection.) We will strive to put a sort of notice or disclaimer on such meetings/events in order for the individuals to use their own discretion, for even though we may try to edit the majority of material there are some times when it is unavoidable.

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